Mark D

Mark D.

House Manager


Mark D. is a valued member of our team who has been dedicated to providing exceptional care to our patients for many years. Originally from Canada, Mark is a proud member of the local 12 Step community and has been a resident of Costa Rica for some time. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports and guitar, and is a devoted family man.

As a member of our team, Mark is responsible for providing compassionate and attentive care to patients during their time of growth and recovery. He works tirelessly to ensure that all patient needs are met, handling a wide variety of requests and responsibilities both day and night.

Mark’s commitment to patient care is second to none. His kindness and empathy make him a natural fit for the role of caregiver, and his many years of experience in addiction treatment have given him the skills and expertise necessary to support patients as they work to overcome their addictions and build healthier lives.