Family Program


A Program For Family

Our Family Support Program at Costa Rica Recovery provides comprehensive support topatients and their families in the journey towards recovery. The program is offered to every patient at Costa Rica Recovery and focuses on addressing social and environmental factors that have contributed to one’s addiction. It is spearheaded by our social worker Andrea Cespedes.

This program is designed to provide education and support to families affected by addiction. The objective of the program is to assist families and support systems to better understand addiction and recovery.  Additionally, the program focuses on the impact of addiction on family dynamics. Through this program, we aim to promote healing and rebuild trust by improving communication and developing a deeper understanding of each family member’s unique experiences and perspectives.

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As part of the family support program, Costa Rica Recovery works to provide a safe and supportive space for families to discuss their experiences, ask questions, and learn about effective strategies for supporting their loved ones in recovery. We also provide resources and referrals to help families access additional support services, such as counseling or therapy.

Within the family program we also offer solutions to environmental dilemmas that are in the best interests of all parties. We utilize connections with various sober houses or halfway houses, within respective communities to secure housing placements for patients upon discharging our program. Our team coordinates meetings with admissions staff, understands the specific requirements for admission, and ensures that all patients have access to safe and supportive living environments.

At the heart of our Family Support Program is the fundamental desire to provide inclusive assistance to both patients and their families throughout the recovery process.  We aim to achieve this by supporting each party with building the skills and resources needed to achieve lasting success in recovery and life.

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