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Information for professional referrals at Costa Rica Recovery

Professionals who deal with patients facing addiction can refer to any number of programs, so why Costa Rica Recovery? There are several excellent reasons to make professional referrals to Costa RIca Recovery, including experience, affordability and convenience for patients. We work closely with our professional referral partners to ensure that the men and women they send to CRR for treatment receive the care they need to achieve long-term recovery.

Reasons to make professional referrals to Costa Rica Recovery

1. While we recognize, a change of location does not equal recovery.  We offer an escape from the traditional home environment into a therapeutic international environment that will help to remove external distractions and allow patients to prioritize his or her recovery.

2. Our compassionate and experienced addiction recovery team utilizes a powerful holistic healing model of energy work, evidence-based psychotherapy, and the 12 step philosophy. Through this model, unparalleled compassion and individual curation is given to each of our guests. We see addiction as a no-fault disease and welcome every person without judgment.

3. Our team provides a simple, quick admission process, often evaluating and admitting patients
within 24 hours. We offer fast and simple admissions. When patients need help, time is of the essence. Our trained clinicians understand the nature of addiction, so we work hard to ensure that patients receive care as soon as possible.

When we receive a professional referral, we offer three evaluation methods for their patients, including face-to-face intake, telephone calls and walk-in appointments.

If someone calls during business hours, they will immediately speak to an experienced team member. No operators or voicemail. After the evaluation, patients can usually begin treatment within 24 hours. We’re committed to helping a patient as soon as they’re ready.

4. If you’re concerned about saving money on addiction rehab, Costa Rica Recovery is a top provider to consider. Compared to what luxury addiction treatment centers in the United States charge, our Costa Rica rehab center can be enjoyed for only a quarter of the price. And if you’re a veteran exploring addiction recovery in Costa Rica, VA programs are available to eliminate the cost of in-patient rehabilitation.

5. We collaborate closely with our referral partners to provide the finest patient care.
We offer a high level of collaboration between our team and our professional referral partners.
Referring professionals stay in the loop regarding their patients, thanks to written reports and
telephone calls with the patient’s primary clinician.

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