Dr Vega

Dr. Rosario de Vega

Staff Physician, MD


Dr. Rosario de Vega is a highly experienced family physician with over a decade of practice in Costa Rica. She studied at UCIMED in Costa Rica and completed her medical residency in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA through Bethesda Family Practice and has been a valuable member of the Costa Rica Recovery team since 2016.

As the on-call physician, Dr. de Vega plays a critical role in helping patients overcome acute withdrawal symptoms and detox programs.
Her expertise in evaluating each patient’s condition allows her to develop a personalized and well-titrated medication plan that effectively alleviates any withdrawal symptoms. Dr. de Vega’s presence and availability 24/7 have been instrumental in addressing any medical condition that patients may present during their stay at Costa Rica Recovery.

She has successfully managed the detoxification process with hundreds of our clients suffering with addiction to a variety of addictive substances. With her commitment to providing high-quality medical care, Dr. de Vega has become an essential member of the Costa Rica Recovery team, helping patients achieve a successful recovery journey.