Dr. Marten

Dr. Francisco Jimenez Marten

Psychiatry Specialist, MD


Dr. Francisco Jimenez Marten is a highly qualified Psychiatry Specialist with over 38 years of experience in private psychiatric consultation and addiction treatment. He received his education from Costa Rica University and later went on to pursue Substance Abuse Scholarship at Johns Hopkins University, further enhancing his expertise in the field.

During his career, Dr. Jimenez Marten worked at the Institute of Alcoholism and Drug Dependency in various departments, including External Consultation, Detoxification, Rehabilitation, and Research. He also served as the former director of Addictive Disorders Treatment Centers, where he helped countless individuals struggling with addiction through his compassionate and effective treatment approach. His work has focused on epidemiological and clinical-pharmacological research in both psychiatry and addictions.

Currently, Dr. Jimenez Marten is attending Clinica Serenidad and Costa Rica Recovery Center on-call, providing his expertise and services to those in need. His commitment to helping patients achieve lasting recovery and his extensive knowledge and experience make him an invaluable asset to our team.