Kaela O’Brien

Counselor, CRS, Smart Recovery Facilitator


Kaela is a dedicated instructor, counselor, and alumni service provider at CRR who lives by the values of honesty, responsibility, humility, and love. Having overcome her own struggles with addiction, she is passionate about helping others achieve the same freedom and rediscover their true selves.

Kaela believes that recovery is a holistic process that goes beyond mere abstinence, and involves a transformational journey towards a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life. As a certified recovery specialist through the International Recovery Institute and trained professionally for addictions counseling through the California Mind Institute. Kaela is committed to providing evidence-based care that empowers her clients to achieve lasting personal growth and transformation. She is also a certified SMART Recovery facilitator.

Her compassionate and empathetic approach helps her clients feel safe and supported as they navigate the challenges of recovery. With Kaela’s guidance, clients can develop effective strategies for managing their symptoms, building resilience, and maintaining their serenity, integrity, and overall well-being.