Brittnee Kumre

House Manager


Brittnee Kumre, a former patient at Costa Rica Recovery and originally from the United States, is passionate about mental health and learning how to transform negative thoughts into positive behaviors in order to live a more fulfilled life. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Psychology and is currently working towards her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

In addition to her passion for mental health, Brittnee is also an advocate for the 12-step philosophy, which she believes provides a strong foundation for long-term recovery. She also has a keen interest in music and art therapy, which she believes can be powerful tools for self-expression and healing.

In her free time, Brittnee loves hiking, reading, and enjoying a good cup of coffee. She is grateful to be part of a team at Costa Rica Recovery that allows her to constantly grow and learn, while helping others on their journey towards recovery.