alex michael

Alexandra Michael

Executive Director


Alexandra Michael is the Consulting Executive Director at Costa Rica Recovery. She brings with her 18 years experience working in public health commissioned programs in East London, UK. She is a highly successful and innovative leader who has created strong partnerships with key stakeholders that still successfully run today. Her specialty includes Mental Health, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Cancer Rehabilitation, Diabetes type 2, COPD, Obesity, CVD as well as various other chronic disease programs.

Alex has dedicated her professional life to the reduction of health inequalities and is an advocate for mental health. She leads with passion, from the heart, and believes in partnership and collaboration to bring about the best services possible for clients. She has trained in Motivational Interviewing over a 7 year period with the renowned Dr. Lynne Johnston, and holds qualifications in Cardiac Rehabilitation phase 4, Cancer Rehabilitation, Mental Health Phase 4, GP referrals and exercise on prescription.
She has overseen multiple facilities and led teams of up to 30 people. Alex directed a successful bid for the Community Prescription Program in England valued at 3 million GBP over a three year period. Here, she created an umbrella model that worked with grass roots organizations to engage with all local communities experiencing health inequalities.

Another example of Alex’’s work is her creation of the Mental Health GP Referral program in the UK. This program trained individuals from different communities to become mental health advocates and to help break down the stigma associated with mental illness. This initiative was hugely successful, and it helped to increase access to mental health services for many individuals who may have otherwise been reluctant to seek help.

From her own life experiences, Alex knows that anything can be overcome with a supportive and nurturing environment.

She is innovative and open hearted and truly believes in working together to create comprehensive patient care pathways.

Her dedication to reducing health inequalities and advocating for mental health reflects her commitment to creating a better world for all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances.

Through her work, Alexandra has helped countless individuals find the support and care they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. She continues to bring her same vision and guidance while overseeing the Costa Rica Recovery program through her passionate and experienced based leadership approach.